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Big boobs is not sexy

Big boobs is not sexy, is not awesome! Why big boobs? According to Desmond Morris, British zoologist and ethologist, men like breasts because when we evolved past roaming around bent over (when our asses were prominent and attractive for mounting), our asses were no longer prominent. So, women developed breasts that were always "out" even when not lactating because they are in a more prominent position and mimic the look of the ass--inviting men to mount us. This theory has made more sense to me than anything Freud ever had to say about mothers. When you say big breasts, say fake boobs, say rubber, silicone, not sexy.

Are big boobs better? No! On this blog do not put pictures of girls who have big boobs. Natural boobs is fine because have the right size. What is more sexy? Big boobs or medium-sized breasts? Second option, big is not sexy, it is fat. Big boobs describe a prostitute. In fact having big boobs is pretty much the opposite of awesome. Nice boobs (not big boobs) are a sign of a healthy woman with good genes that can provide for their children.

I just want to know what is so magical about BIG boobs, it's just extra skin and fat, they sag earlier, certainly not sexy.

Pictures with boobs

What means sexy big boobs?  Sexy big boobs are boobs which not hang over belly, boobs which not exceeding two kilograms.

Rihanna have perfect body (boobs-legs-ass-eyes)

Amorous Chinese Babe Dai Na戴娜 Showing Her Exotic Beauty in Captivating Stocking And Nude Pose

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